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9/25/2017  |   1:45 PM - 3:15 PM   |  Track 1 - Cyber Security

Process Design and Definition – Building Processes that Work

The struggle has been going on for at least 60 years … the process people trying to “help” the product people do their job better by improving the processes, and the product people doing their best to ignore those process people without getting fired. Managers and leaders, having the best intentions, only make matters worse by mindlessly dumping the improvement approach du jour – models, standards, methods, philosophies – on their workers and saying “go do this thing.” One of the reasons for this struggle is that process people don’t share the same paradigm as product people; they don’t view process as a product that – if built to meet the needs of the process consumer – will deliver value and benefit. In this tutorial, you will learn how to design and define processes that will enable product developers and service deliverers measurably improve their performance. Most importantly, you will learn that if you build processes that people want to use because they see them as enabling, then you can get rid of the word “shall.” Note: Tutorial attendees are encouraged to bring with them a hard-copy of a process that they want to improve as these may be used for exercises time permitting.

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Michael West (Primary Presenter), CMMI, michael@naturalspi.com;
Michael West is a life-long practitioner in process and performance improvement. Mr. West is the founding principal of Natural Systems Process Improvement, which has helped many clients in numerous sectors of the economy achieve their process and performance improvement goals. Mr. West has authored articles and two books on process improvement: Real Process Improvement Using the CMMI (2004 Auerbach), and Return On Process (ROP): Getting Real Performance Results from Process Improvement (2011 CRC Press). Mr. West loves sharing with others what he has discovered and learned while exploring the far reaches of the process realm.

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