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10/14/2015  |   10:45 AM - 11:30 AM   |  Atlantic I

EVM for Agile Projects

In recent years the growing importance of demonstrating the ability to deliver systems more quickly and affordably, together with the ability to react swiftly to the changing demands of the operational environment, has led to an increased focus on capability-based planning and execution, which emphasizes delivering the highest priority system capabilities to the customer as quickly and affordably as possible. To meet this demand, project managers need planning and execution techniques that enable them to react quickly and efficiently. This demand for responsiveness and efficiency extends to all aspects of system development and delivery, including effective implementation of earned value management (EVM). Accordingly, the EVM system itself must be adaptive to changing demands and circumstances while enabling cost and schedule performance measurement against a known baseline. This is the challenge of implementing EVM for Agile projects and the challenge this presentation will address. In this presentation, we will explore the natural synergy between the Agile development focus on incrementally delivering value and the earned value management (EVM) requirement to measure earned value and cost against a defined and configuration managed EVM baseline. Using practical examples and lessons learned from large-scale agile implementations, we will discuss the key elements of EVM planning and then move into EVM execution, showing how earned value is collected and reported. Agility is demonstrated through the disciplined use of the agile planning levels, allowing teams to adapt to changing circumstances on a sprint-by-sprint basis while implementing a fully-compliant EVM system.

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Jim Duffy (Primary Presenter), Raytheon Integrated Defense Systems, James_J_Duffy@raytheon.com;
Jim is a Senior Manager at Raytheon Integrated Defense Systems in Sudbury, MA, with 18 years of software project management experience. Since 2012, Jim has been leading the deployment of Agile development on several large-scale defense software development projects, with special emphasis on designing and implementing the EVM methodology for Agile projects used at Raytheon. Jim has presented EVM for Agile Projects in a number of industry venues, including the OSD PARCA EVM conference in February 2015. Jim is currently the Agile Implementation Lead and Software Development Control Account Manager on a large-scale Agile program. Jim received his Bachelors Degree in Computer Engineering from the University of Notre Dame. He is a certified Scrum Master, Product Owner and Project Management Professional.

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