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10/14/2015  |   10:00 AM - 10:45 AM   |  Atlantic II

Value Visualization Framework

Are you maximizing the value of your software development initiatives? Are your business units and IT departments working together towards the same goals? Do you have metrics readily available to make decisions to change direction or stop a project all together at any point during the development process when a project is off track? When IT is provided details about the economic value of a software development initiative, data-driven tactical decisions can be made resulting in the desired business and economic outcomes. Organizations need to stop keeping IT in the dark when it comes to the value details for their initiatives (or to acknowledge that they are lazy about detailing them) and enable IT to become part of the ROI solution. With a clear understanding of the business and economic value, both business and IT can be held accountable for specific outcomes, including keeping the software development priorities focused on those projects with the greatest value. A simple model, such as the Value Visualization Framework (VVF) focuses the business unit and IT on value streams for each application development initiative. Leveraging the VVF, IT will have a clear directive to discuss, define, measure, and prioritize software development initiatives based on their ability to deliver on the value expectations. Such a model, done correctly, will become the tool to drive IT’s continuous alignment with the business unit’s end objectives. Additionally, it will enable the business to leverage IT for greater profitability and competitive advantage. The result is a strategic investment in IT that will drive business and economic benefits overall. In this session, Michael Harris shares his provocative ideas about getting the most value out of software development initiatives to drive better decision making and improve value flow. He shares his 5-step Value Visualization Framework concept aimed at helping all stakeholders “Visualize the Value” of a software development initiative. He discusses how this concept compares to other methodologies, such as Agile, and how it can be incorporated with these methodologies to enable organizations to maximize the value of each software development project.

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Michael Harris (Primary Presenter), David Consulting Group, m.harris@davidconsultinggroup.com;
Michael Harris is a recognized author and speaker on a range of topics related to the Value Visualization of IT. He is considered a thought leader in the software development industry and has more than 30 years of broad management experience in the IT field, including periods in R&D, development, production, business, and academia. Mr. Harris has held numerous senior executive positions in Fortune 500 companies, including: Fidelity National Services (NYSE: FIS), Sanchez Computer Associates (NASDAQ: SCAI) and MasterCard International (NASDAQ: MA). Currently, Mr. Harris is president, CEO and majority owner of David Consulting Group. Mr. Harris earned a BSc in electronic engineering from the University of Southampton, England and an MSc in computer-aided engineering from Coventry University, England. He is a Chartered Engineer, an MIET (UK), and an MIEEE (USA). He became a Certified Scrum Master and Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) Program Consultant in 2014.

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