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10/14/2015  |   4:00 PM - 4:45 PM   |  Atlantic II

High-performance data search in systems with heterogeneous architectures. Software platform VAR.

This article discusses some of the issues related to the organization of storage and searching in multicomputer systems. The modern principles of NoSQL-systems are described. Examines opportunities to accelerate the work of such systems through the prism of GPGPU-technologies. We present the results of comparative testing of high-performance search and secure storage of data and NoSQL-VAR system Apache Cassandra.

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Nikolay Vasilyev (Author,Co-Author), National Research Nuclear University MEPhI (Moscow Engineering Physics Institute), NPVasilyev@mephi.ru;
Name: Vasilyev Nikolay Petrovich Position: Associate Professor Year of graduation: 1995 Academic degree: PhD Number of publications and monographs: More than 70 publications Research interests: Cloud computing, Hybrid supercomputer technologies, Information Security Contact: NPVasilyev@mephi.ru, +7(916)339-7937

2013 Sponsors: IEEE and IEEE Computer Society