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10/12/2015  |   8:00 AM - 9:45 AM   |  Pacific II

Practical Guide to Using SFIA

Understanding SFIA: One day Accredited Course - Face to Face Workshop-based training
This course introduces the Skills Framework for the Information Age (SFIA) and provides the essential training required to use SFIA in your organization. It is also a prerequisite for anyone wishing to become a SFIA Accredited Consultant.
Taking attendees from the history of SFIA through to practical exercises on using SFIA, and handy tips for implementation, this course is ideal for people looking to lead the way with SFIA within their organisation.

Having attended this course, people should be able to do the following.
⚫ Understand the underlying idea of SFIA – what it is and what it is not
⚫ Understand the structure of SFIA – including Categories and Subcategories
⚫ Determine the skills needed in a particular situation, job or assignment, and determine the level at which the skills are required
⚫ Locate the required skills in SFIA
⚫ [In their own area of technical expertise] use SFIA to analyse the reasons behind an individual’s performance, and determine appropriate development measures
⚫ Know what is and what is not allowed by the SFIA end user licence, and advise colleagues accordingly
⚫ Understand SFIA’s seven levels and relate them to an organisation’s own levels
⚫ Advise management on appropriate ways to exploit SFIA
⚫ Understand the benefits of using SFIA
⚫ Prepare a business case for an organisation’s use of SFIA

  • Syllabus and learning outcomes http://www.sfia-online.org/files/1013/8150/7890/sfia_tp_syllabus_v2_2.pdf

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Matthew Burrows (Primary Presenter), BSM impact Limited, matthew.burrows@bsmimpact.com;
Matthew currently serves on the SFIA Council, is Chair of the itSMF International Ethics Review Board, and contributes to the service management industry and the development of best practice – including as Design Authority for SFIA V6. He is an ISO/IEC 20000 qualified consultant and auditor, and SFIA Accredited Consultant, specialising in implementing pragmatic business service management solutions rather than just theoretical consulting. He has considerable practical and operational experience of Service Management. Matthew’s authoring credits include SFIA (Skills Framework for the Information Age), Service Management, Portfolio and Programme Management methodologies, white papers, books, articles and publications.

2013 Sponsors: IEEE and IEEE Computer Society