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10/13/2015  |   2:00 PM - 2:45 PM   |  Atlantic I

Model-Driven Engineering - A Framework for Owning the Technical Baseline

The current U.S. Air Force’s 30-year plan (America’s Air Force: A Call to the Future, July 2014) identifies Capability Development as a key area where existing practices fall short and need to be transformed in order to keep pace with new threats and the evolving operational environment. The strategy recognizes that traditional DoD methods of requirements development, acquisition oversight, and especially systems engineering are inadequate to produce results in the desired timeframe, in a manner that is receptive to more frequent decision points and opportunities to change direction. In order for these types of systems to evolve and support the type of distributed participation and flexibility that the strategy envisions; they must be designed and (more importantly) specified to expose the necessary interfaces and exhibit sufficient modularity to allow for future growth. This adoption of an open-systems architecture approach represents a potentially significant engineering investment that must be accounted for in acquisition processes, and be made a first-class citizen in planning and scheduling activities. We believe that in order for the U.S. Air Force (and the defense community in general) to truly realize the benefits that come with implementation of agile Capability Development as outlined in the strategy, program offices must: a. Strive to gain deep, technical knowledge of the system modularity b. Specify the critical interfaces to a level of detail to allow capability developers to implement functionality in software c. Be able to act as a system integrator to verify and validate that potential component implementations can interoperate successfully within the overall system to accomplish the desired mission In this paper, we outline a systems engineering approach using a dynamic, executable Model-Driven Engineering methodology that we believe can help the government create the systems engineering environment required to implement agile capability development and finally reap its benefits.

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David Campbell (Primary Presenter,Author), MITRE, dcampbell@mitre.org;
Author: David P. Campbell Experience: 27 years of technical management and software development focusing on high performance and real-time systems. Current (past 7 years): MITRE Corporation, directing evaluation of software systems for architectural performance and life cycle costs. Prior (21 years): Engineering management and senior development positions at Silicon Graphics Computer Systems delivering high performance solutions to the technical and entertainment community. Director of platform engineering for Kasenna, a leading provider of IPTV solutions. Management consultant focusing on transitioning early phase technology to production.

Garrett Wampole (Co-Presenter,Author), MITRE, gwampole@mitre.org;

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