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9/27/2017  |   10:25 AM - 11:10 AM   |  Track 4 - Agile

Technical Odysseus: The Challenges of Implementing the Technical Odyssey that is the Internet of Things (IOT)

In the vast sea of technical change that is evident in our digital society, one of the greatest challenges is to how to introduce the Internet of Things (IOT) into an organization’s technical and organizational environments. In deciding to undertake such a quest, one becomes a Technical Ulysses, undertaking a technical journey to understand what are the best components to create an infrastructure that improve and enhance communication within the organization for years, even decades to come. In order to brave the vast technological seas and the challenges that it faces, this presentation focuses on the implementation challenges that the technical Ulysses faces when he decides to undertake the quest of incorporating IOT into his organizational infrastructure. The presentation will begin with planning and formulating the strategy by utilizing an IOT Reference Architecture designed by Booz Allen Hamilton to assist in this endeavor. Eight elements of the Reference Architecture will be described and how it can have applied to different components and sections of the architecture. The presentation will then discuss how the IOT Reference Architecture can be utilized in the selection of third party vendors for inclusion within the infrastructure. The chief focus of this part of the presentation is to ensure that the systems these vendors bring to the architecture will meet the organization’s operational and technical needs both now and into the future. To address the additional questions and challenges – the Booz Allen IOT System Design Process will be discussed, with emphasis on guiding the technical Ulysses through the IOT considerations that are needed to support each physical element of the Reference Architecture. The last part of the presentation will be the discussion of security considerations into the design and implementation of IOT using the System Design Process. Additional challenges such as distributed computing, edge analytics, big data and dealing with the challenges of vendor complexity will be discussed as well.

  • What are some of the organizational challenges that IOT poses?
  • Why is planning important in the design and implementation of IOT in your organization?
  • What are the communication.documentation,requirements and political issues involved in deploying IOT in an organizational environment?a

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Michael Staufenberg (Primary Presenter), Booz Allen Hamilton ,;
Author is an architectural engineer and standards SME for Booz Allen Hamilton consulting Army CIO office. He has over 30 years of designing deploying and implementing applications and solutions. He has worked in a product management and operations capacity at AT&T and Cisco Systems. He is a ABD ( all but dissertation) Ph.D candidate in information science at Long Island University. His dissertation is on knowledge organization, innovation process and information management at the Kodak Research labs from 1913 to 1950. His chief research interest is in the organizational and political issues that are involved in developing and adapting to new and emerging technologies in an organizational environment.

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