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9/09/2020  |   10:15 AM - 11:15 AM   |  A

Challenges in Developing a Coordinated Community Response

This panel session will feature nationally recognized advocates who will discuss some of the challenges of meeting the needs of diverse survivors. Using local and national lessons learnt from various jurisdictions, panelists will suggest specific strategies that can lead to full participation of various communities. These strategies will allow for a full representation of all survivors in any CCR.

Sujata Warrier (POC,Primary Presenter), Battered Women's Justice Project, swarrier@bwjp.org;
Sujata Warrier is the Director of Training and TA for the Battered Women’s Justice Project. She trains and provides technical assistance to professionals in various criminal justice systems. She has also trained extensively at the local, state, national and international levels on the issue of cultural competency for various professionals and has delivered numerous keynotes on the issue of culture, competency, relativism, and violence against women. She received her Ph.D. from the Maxwell School of Syracuse University. She has written and published numerous articles on violence against women in the international context. She has received numerous awards including: The Rev. Cheng Imm Tan Visionary Award; AWAKE Award for South Asian Women’s Advocacy; the Indian Chamber of Commerce Award honoring Women Achievers and the New York 30 Women Leaders Award. She recently served, after being appointed by the Attorney General, to the Federal Department of Justice, Office on Violence against Women’s Advisory Board.

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