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9/11/2020  |   1:00 PM - 2:30 PM   |  B

Inclusion Aids Resiliency

Presentation on Organization (non-profit) including history and ways it has impacted community. Presentation also includes information on basic terminology (terms and definitions) in order to establish common language when speaking on social issues matters.

Felipe Gutierrez (POC,Primary Presenter), Inclusion Center for Community and Justice, Phillfloyd@yahoo.com;
Felipe has been involved with the ICCJ since 2001, first time attending as a delegate/ student in the Anytown program during his junior year of high school. Since then, He has been involved with a number of programs such as “Anytown, Unitown, Globaltown & Building Bridges” to name a few of the workshop that the ICCJ (formerly NCCJ) has offered. He has also been involved with local and national life coaching institutions that teach self help and empowerment methods to adults and young adults alike. Infusing these teachings with life lessons and ancient spiritual ideologies into facilitating camps and workshops is what drives him and his way of life. You will most likely find him in search for a deeper sense of unity through nature, outdoor activities and through the art of music; his other passion.

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