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9/10/2020  |   2:45 PM - 4:15 PM   |  E

The Effects of Domestic Violence on Children--Understanding the Impact of Trauma

Research has shown that the most toxic form of violence exposure for children is witnessing abuse and violence between their parents. This form of violence exposure is one of the Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) which consist of experiencing abuse, neglect and/or household dysfunction during childhood. One of the disturbing outcomes of this exposure during childhood is that children who witness domestic violence are more likely to become victims or perpetrators of violence in adulthood; thereby perpetuating this cycle for generations. Understanding how trauma affects a developing brain is critical in developing strategies to prevent violence and promote healthy, nurturing safe relationships for all children. Imparting this knowledge to adult victims and perpetrators of abuse may be the most effective means of ending this cycle of violence.

Kathy Franchek-Roa (POC,Primary Presenter), University of Utah School of Medicine, kathy.franchek@hsc.utah.edu;
Dr. Kathleen Franchek-Roa is an Associate Professor of Pediatrics at the University Of Utah School Of Medicine. In addition to working with and teaching medical students and residents, Dr. Franchek-Roa is the Chair of the University of Utah Health Domestic Violence Committee which developed guidelines for assisting physicians and staff in the identification of and intervention for patients who are victims of abuse, neglect and/or exploitation. She also chairs the UDVC Healthcare Work Group which has been charged with educating Utah healthcare providers on the appropriate response to victims of domestic violence, sexual violence and human trafficking in the healthcare setting.

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