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9/10/2020  |   2:45 PM - 4:15 PM   |  B

Homicide Survivors: Needs, Strategies, Concerns, and Advocacy

In the world of domestic violence, domestic violence homicides are what grab the most media attention. Homicide Survivors are an underserved population of survivors, mainly because many do not know how to help them. The legal system surrounding homicides, especially domestic violence homicides is frightening for the surviving family members. In this presentation Brandon will guide learners through many of the needs that homicide survivors face and ways to help them become victors over those who have killed their loved one. This presentation uses real life experiences from homicide survivors, statutes and case law to show the best practices on helping surviving family members. This presentation is a great resource for any person who works in an area that may encounter a homicide, or homicide survivor, through their interactions with victims.

Brandon Merrill (POC,Primary Presenter), Utah Homicide Survivors, brandon@utahhomicidesurvivors.org;
Brandon Merrill is the Executive Director and Founder of Utah Homicide Survivors. As an emerging voice for domestic violence survivors in Utah, Brandon works to highlight the struggles of survivors and expose legal loopholes in order to create a better legal system and help survivors obtain healing through the courts. In the last 2 years the organization has collected over $1.75 million dollars in assets for survivors of homicide throughout the state of Utah.

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