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9/11/2019  |   3:15 PM - 4:45 PM   |  Cascade AB

Riding the New Stress Wave

In 1936, Hans Selye did some pretty intense experiments on rats and concluded that when extreme stress was repeatedly administered, basically the equivalent of rat waterboarding, it surprisingly caused issues. By 1951, other scientists were confused and complained about Selye's definition of stress, and one physician concluded in a 1951 issue of the British Medical Journal that, "Stress in addition to being itself, was also the cause of itself, and the result of itself." No one has agreed what stress is, or isn't for a long time. Our discussion is that most stress is caused by conflict, and is a load or energy, that can be redirected into positive outcomes. Principles of conflict or stress redirection are mostly ignored in education today, and yet is a tremendous source of untapped energy. Understanding the principles of conflict or stress becomes increasingly important as it directly relates to domestic violence. The fact is that energy redirected by those who understand this concept may also "redirect" domestic violence, be an advocate to prevent domestic violence with their social network, and could potentially feed the world.

Allen Hughes (Primary Presenter), Warrior Way Life Defense, allen@warriorway.info;
Allen Hughes is adopted, multicultural, and speaks from experience from what he calls “the beautiful chaos of life.” Allen and his wife have 8 children, some with success in medical and counseling practices, or entrepreneurs with well-adjusted families. He also had a homeless, adult son, an addicted son, a child who attempted suicide and lost one to the same. Nineteen “super kids” (grandchildren) call him “Papy.” Founder of a stress redirection system, Hughes started his studies in psychology and continued his studies of conflict for most of his life as a “life defense” coach. Professor Hughes holds multiple black belts in multiple arts and is vice president of Wonjin Hapkido USA. Hughes claims that principles of conflict solutions directly translate to stress redirection, and cross all cultural boundaries. He has helped numerous teams and individuals effectively deal with stress.