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9/11/2019  |   1:30 PM - 3:00 PM   |  Cascade D

"Mental Pause" a Quick and Easy Guide to Better Decision Making

Mental Pause is just another way to look at the process of calming down, taking a deep breath, dis-engaging from a stressful situation long enough to think about better options. In this presentation, I will go through a step by step process of how decisions are made and identify risk areas for emotional decision making. I will also cover topics related to perspective such as confidence, emotions, attitude, requirements and expectations. I will also discuss the concepts of "living the Serenity Prayer" and "taking Mistake and Failure out of Your Vocabulary". Finally we will utilize a Thinking Report to analyze the entire decision making process.

Brandon Woffinden (Primary Presenter), Opportunity Center, opportunitycenterllc@gmail.com;
Brandon was born in Lehi Utah and graduated from Lehi High school. He then attended Weber State University and obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Technical Sales. After working in the Sales and Service industry for several years, he went to work for the State of Utah Department of Corrections. After 10 years as an officer he attended the University of Phoenix and obtained a Master’s Degree in Mental Health Counseling. He created the Opportunity Center in September of 2012 soon after his graduation, serving clients in need of court ordered treatment. The Opportunity Center now serves all people suffering from a variety of issues such as grief and PTSD, depression and anxiety. Brandon is passionate about helping others and is moving towards creating a program to help first responders.

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