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'iUTAH Cyberinfrastructure to Support Data Collection and Management for the GAMUT Monitoring Network '
Amber Spackman Jones (amber.jones@usu.edu), Utah State University Jeffery Horsburgh (jeff.horsburgh@usu.edu), Utah State University; Stephanie Reeder (stephanie.reeder@usu.edu), USU; James Patton (jamesyp@gmail.com), USU/UWRL

iUTAH (innovative Urban Transitions and Aridregion Hydro-sustainability) is a statewide effort dedicated to maintaining and improving water sustainability in Utah. As part of the iUTAH project, researchers from multiple Utah universities are developing a new sensor network called GAMUT (Gradients Along Mountain to Urban Transitions). The objective of GAMUT is to measure aspects of water inputs, outputs, and quality along a mountain-to-urban gradient in three Utah watersheds that share common water sources (winter-derived precipitation) but differ in the human and biophysical nature of land-use transitions. GAMUT will deploy sensors at aquatic and terrestrial sites for real-time monitoring of common meteorological variables, snow accumulation and melt, soil moisture, surface water flow, and surface water quality. The multiple watershed, multiple institution, and scale of the GAMUT network present unique challenges for managing and publishing the data that will be produced. The iUTAH Cyberinfrastructure Team (CI Team) is building cyberinfrastructure to support management of the streaming sensor data. In this presentation, we will describe the cyberinfrastructure systems that we are developing to store, manage, and share the streaming data from the GAMUT sensor network. This framework includes tools for automated loading of streaming data into relational databases, data models for storing and accessing the data, software tools to facilitate the data quality control process, applications to support data management and equipment tracking by iUTAH field technicians, and tools for publishing the data on the Internet.