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'Demand Management to Sustain Urban Water Supplies: Conservation Works, But for How Much Longer?'
Peter Mayer (peter.mayer@waterdm.com), Water Demand Management

This presentation will explore changes in urban water use that have occurred over the past 20 years and will assess potential for demand reductions - both technological and behavioral - in the future. Water demand data clearly shows the impacts of water conservation efforts at both the national and local levels. Average per person water use has declined steadily in the US at least since the early 1990s, but how much longer will this continue? How much further can we expect urban water use to decline? What is the remaining conservation potential? This paper will review recent results from the Residential End Uses of Water Update study (Water Research Foundation), and other recent research to examine both the effectiveness of urban water efficiency efforts and to explore the ongoing potential for demand reductions in the coming years.