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5/18/2017  |   9:35 AM - 10:00 AM   |  3

Phononic properties of binary and diamond-like colloidal superstructures

Phonon engineering and understanding phonon transport plays an important role in areas such as nanoscale heat transfer, acoustic filtering, waveguiding, noise control, vibrational control for mechanical systems, RF communication technologies, and optomechanics [1]. Recent advances in material processing techniques at the micro- and nanoscale have created new opportunities in the field of phononics. For example, a diverse range of ordered configurations, known as colloidal crystals [2,3], have been demonstrated in recent years using self-assembling colloidal particles. In this work, we present a theoretical study of phononic properties of a variety of such crystalline structures. We investigate the effect of crystal symmetry and building block shape and size on phononic behavior and formation of phononic bandgaps. We also study thermal conductivity and phononic band structure in various diamond-like superstructures that have been recently realized through novel self-assembly approaches for colloidal clusters [4,5].

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Mehdi Zanjani (POC,Primary Presenter), Miami University ,;

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