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5/17/2017  |   4:25 PM - 5:00 PM   |  1

The thermal conductivity of actinide materials: a new experimental approach using 3omega-method

A detailed knowledge of thermal properties of actinide materials is important due to their relevance to nuclear applications. The thermal conductivity (k) of nuclear fuels governs the conversion of heat produced from fission events into electricity and it is an important parameter in reactor design and safety. Several methods have been implemented to determine k(T) of nuclear materials. Most of them, however, require usage of large samples with a desired shape, which is problematic. In addition, most of those methods cannot be employed to measure thermal conductivity under extreme conditions, especially under a high pressure. Here, we present an adaptation of the 3omega-method, developed by Cahill [D. G. Cahill, Review of Scientific Instruments, 61, No. 2, 1990], to measure the thermal properties of actinides. Our new approach can be used for the thermal conductivity and heat capacity measurements in wide temperature and magnetic field ranges and for both metallic and insulating actinide materials. Also, we will present our recent thermal conductivity results on UO2 and UN single crystals. In addition, some preliminary results under hydrostatic pressure will also be presented.

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Keshav Shrestha (Primary Presenter,Author), Idaho National Laboratory,;
Krzysztof Gofryk (Co-Author), Idaho National Laboratory,;

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