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5/17/2017  |   10:05 AM - 10:30 AM   |  1

The Design and Use of an Alternatively Designed Pipe Insulation Test Apparatus with Advanced Instrumentation

An actively-guarded pipe insulation test apparatus with advanced control and data acquisition capabilities has been designed to measure the thermal conductivity of pipe insulation. There were some design variations from C335 regarding limitation of the thermal bridging between the metered zone and the guard zones of the heated pipe. The nominal three-inch diameter stainless steel heated pipe is approximately 6.5-ft long with a 36-inch test zone and two adjacent 12-inch guard zones. Temperature control of the metered and guard zones is being accomplished by a Eurotherm 2700 triple-loop controller. The temperature of the metered area is measured at nine locations and the cold side of the insulation is measured at 16 locations. The apparatus is being operated at temperatures up to 1200 °F. A series of measurements has been conducted comparing the new apparatus to an apparatus built in strict compliance with ASTM C335. These comparisons were made using a two-inch thick mineral-fiber pipe insulation taken from the lot of material used in the ASTM C335 round robin conducted in 2016 to revise the standard’s Precision and Bias Statement. The purpose of the study is to examine the alternative pipe design and whether the bridging metal between the metered and guard zones has a statistically significant impact on the test results. The apparatus design and examples of data that have been obtained will be discussed.

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Michael Joyce (POC,Primary Presenter), R&D Services,Inc., MICHAEL@RDSERVICES.COM;
David Yarbrough (Co-Author), R&D Services, Inc.,;
Thomas Whitaker (Co-Author), TSRK Enterprises,;

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