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5/16/2017  |   4:55 PM - 5:20 PM   |  1

Dual fiber-based modulated optical reflectance technique development

A new dual fiber-based modulated optical reflectance configuration has been developed to measure thermal diffusivity by sampling over a range of modulation frequencies. The technique retains the fiber-based heating laser (pump) and detection laser (probe) in close proximity at a fixed separation distance in a ceramic ferrule. The pump beam periodically heats the sample inducing thermal waves while the probe beam measures the temperature response at a known distance from the pump beam. The thermal diffusivity of the sample may be calculated from the phase response between the input heat flux and the temperature response of a sample having a reflective surface. The unique measurement configuration is ideal for in situ measurements and has many advantages for laboratory-based systems. The system has been used to measure thermal diffusivities of Ge and SiC within 10% of reported literature values.

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Charles Folsom (POC,Primary Presenter,Author), Utah State University,;
Austin Fleming (Co-Presenter,Co-Author), Utah State University,;
Heng Ban (Co-Author), Utah State University,;

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