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5/18/2017  |   10:55 AM - 11:20 AM   |  1

Direct measurement of thermal conductivity components in rigid foams

In order to maintain desired properties of insulating products, while also complying with ever-increasing regulatory pressure on blowing agents, emphasis of academic and private sector foams research has shifted to minimizing the radiative and solid conduction components of heat transfer in rigid closed-cell foams. Although methods and equipment for measuring total thermal conductivity of low density, insulating rigid polymeric foams are well established, and there are theoretical models for estimating individual contribution of each heat transfer mode, experimental methods for direct measurement of the latter are lacking. In this presenation we offer a method for measurement of individual heat transfer modes (conductivity through solid, conductivity through gas, and radiative transfer) in rigid, low density polymeric foams by employing measurements in ambient atmosphere and in vacuum, as well as specific specimen preparation.

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Andrey Soukhojak (POC,Primary Presenter), The Dow Chemical Company,;
Valentina Woodcraft (Co-Author), The Dow Chemical Company,;
Tammy Fowler (Co-Author), The Dow Chemical Company,;

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