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5/16/2017  |   4:25 PM - 4:50 PM   |  1

Round robin test between different heat transport techniques characterizing low thermal conductivity materials

Although many efforts have been done to develop and improve a large number of methods to determine heat transport parameters, all methods have their limitations, with an accuracy that depends on the physical nature of the material in general, and its dimensions and thermal conductivity in particular. Here we present the results of a round robin test that has been performed on a series of materials with rather low thermal conductivity, with focus on the determination of their thermal conductivity value by means of devices based on transient plane source heating, transient hot ball heating and periodical heating with photothermal infrared radiometry back detection. Guarded hot plate and heat flux meter results on the same samples were used as a benchmark. Also results on the evolution of heat transport during the formation of a gel, monitored by the transient hot ball method and by different photothermal techniques, will be presented.

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Christ Glorieux (POC,Primary Presenter,Author,Co-Author), KU Leuven,;
Jan Hudec (Co-Author), Institute of Physics Slovak Academy of Science, 'Jan Hudec' ;
Jonathan Guarachi (Co-Author), CICATA-IPN,;
Kelly Martinez (Co-Author), CICATA-IPN,;
Jose Jesus Agustin Flores Cuautle (Co-Author), Orizaba Institute of Technology -CONACYT,;
Ludovit Kubicar (Co-Author), Institute of Physics Slovak Academy of Science,;
Vlastimil Bohac (Co-Author), Institute of Physics Slovak Academy of Science, '';
Ernesto Marin (Co-Author), CICATA-IPN,;
Jose Antonio Calderon Arenas (Co-Author), CICATA-IPN,;
Salvador Alvarado (Co-Author), CICATA-IPN,;
Hans Janssen (Co-Author), KU Leuven, Hans Janssen ;
Wouter Van De Walle (Author,Co-Author), KU Leuven, Wouter Van De Walle ;

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