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5/16/2017  |   3:00 PM - 3:25 PM   |  2

Thermal Conductivity of Epoxy Resin Composites Filled with Combustion Synthesized AlN and h-BN Powders

Epoxy resin composites filled with combustion synthesized AlN and h-BN powders were fabricated and their thermal conductivities were measured and compared. The thermal conductivity of AlN-filled composites increases with increasing filler content but that h-BN filled composites increases with increasing filler content to a maximum and begins to decrease with further increase of the filler content. There are considered to be caused by more randomly oriented h-BN particles at low filler contents but more horizontally oriented h-BN at high filler contents. When comparing composites filled with AlN and h-BN particles with a similar size, the h-BN filled composites possess higher thermal conductivities than the AlN filled composites do in low filler content regions but the opposite was observed in high filler content regions.

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Shyan-Lung Chung (POC,Primary Presenter,Co-Author), National Cheng Kung University,;

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