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5/17/2017  |   10:05 AM - 10:30 AM   |  3

Parameter Sensitivity Analysis on Two Laser Raman Thermometry Measurements

Two laser Raman thermometry is capable of accurately measuring thermal conductivity of thin films. It is advantageous to other measurement methods because of its excellent spatial resolution and direct access to thermal conductivity. This technique heats a sample with a focused laser and uses a second laser (low power) for Raman Thermometry. The Raman probe laser scans across the sample surface to obtain a temperature profile of the sample. Thermal conductivity is obtained directly from the measured temperature profile. A parameter sensitivity analysis was conducted, and as a result, limitations on sample geometry and properties are provided.

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Austin Fleming (POC,Primary Presenter), Utah State University,;
Charles Folsom (Co-Author), Utah State University,;
Heng Ban (POC,Co-Author), Utah State University,;

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