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5/16/2017  |   11:25 AM - 11:50 AM   |  3

Thermal property characterization of advanced carbon composite utilizing the 3 omega method

The three omega method has been used in the characterization material thermal conductivity and other thermal properties. An excitation current at 1 omega induces a temperature change due to Joule heating at 2 omega, which causes a change in electrical resistance at 3 omega, which can be measured using a lock-in amplifier. Both the amplitude and phase delay of this response can be used to extract thermal properties. In this work, a thin-film sample of an advanced carbon composite fabricated at the University of Utah is analyzed in a configuration analogous to a suspended wire. A strip of the rectangular cross-section sample is attached to isothermal copper blocks by a silver paste during in-air measurements at various excitation frequencies. The sample has known electrical thin film electrical resistance, with potential in a wide range of applications.

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Kurt Harris (POC,Primary Presenter), Utah State University,;
Austin Fleming (Co-Author), Utah State University,;
Heng Ban (Co-Author), Utah State University,;

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