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5/16/2017  |   2:00 PM - 2:25 PM   |  3

Thermal Conductance between Mechanically Exfoliated Few-layered Black Phosphorus and Silicon

Black phosphorus(BP) is one new two-dimensional (2D) material that has attracted wide attentions. Even though the thermal properties, especially the thermal resistance plays a key role in the operation of advance electronic, the experimental studies of few-layered BP is very rare. Here we report a first experimental investigation of the thermal conductance (G) between few-layered BP flake and clean silicon wafer over a temperature range from 223 K to 293 K, using micro-Raman spectroscopy. Under the irradiation of a laser beam, the local temperature rise of the sample is induced, and Raman scattering is excited simultaneously. The acquired Raman peak is laser-induced-temperature-rise dependent. This feature can be used to extract thermal properties. When micro-Raman spectroscopy is employed to explore the thermal conductance, the Raman peaks of two adjacent materials can be characterized simultaneously, and their temperature can be distinguished precisely. From the variation of Raman peaks excited by different laser powers of two adjacent materials, the thermal conductance between them can be determined. In this study, several supported few-layered BP with different thickness is characterized. The relationship of thermal conductance (G) to the environment temperature and BP thickness is explored. Our results are essential to the understanding of the phonon transport mechanism across interface and helpful in the design of BP electronic devices.

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Tianyu Wang (POC,Primary Presenter,Author), Iowa State University,;

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