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5/16/2017  |   10:55 AM - 11:20 AM   |  2

Contact heat transfer coefficient experiment and simulation study of VPX board

As the improvement of calculation requirement from aerospace missions, the traditional aerospace information processing system is unable to meet the actual requirement of project development. The information processing based on VPX standard has a powerful ability of data processing. It will be the trend and direction of comprehensive information processing system for aerospace in future. However, the size of electronic chip decreases gradually as the integration improves. Therefore, the heat flux increases when it works. It is necessary to develop futher study on heat dissipation methods and ways of VPX board. VPX board is applied to the spacecraft electronics crate generally. Heat of electronic device is transferred from mechanical structure of the board to heat exchange area, then through the contact between board and crate slot, the heat transfer is accomplished. In conclusion, the thermal design of VPX board is closely related to the heat transfer coefficient between board and crate slot. The specified position temperature data of VPX board and crate under different condition and contact state is obtained by experimental means in this paper. Through the theoretical derivation, the contact heat transfer coefficient is calculated separately under different condition and contact state. Simulation analysis of VPX board is conducted based on Sinda/Fluint. The test conditions is considered as the boundary conditions of simulation analysis, in order to validate experiment. The simulation results agree with experiment data, and it can provide theoretical basis and technical support for engineering application of VPX boards.

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Yu Zhang (POC,Primary Presenter,Author), Technology and Engineering Center for space Utilization, Chinese Academy of Sciences.,;

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