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5/16/2017  |   1:30 PM - 1:55 PM   |  1

Sub-Second Testing with the Hot Disc and Hot Strip Techniques

The present work presents some considerations for sub-second transient plane source-testing using mm-size hot disc- and hot strip sensors. Hot disc sensors are the preferred choice for tests of isotropic and anisotropic samples (with axi-symmetric anisotropic structure). These sensors, however, provide only limited information in case the sample structure has a 3D structure. For situations in which the sample structure is 3D, it is possible to adapt the short transient hot strip technique for anisotropic samples, utilizing short hot strip sensors, where cutting-out of a sample structure allows the investigation of the thermal-conductivity in the normal-direction- and strip-width-direction, from a single experiment. Hence, by cutting out two configurations of a sample structure, in which configuration 1 provides results in a- and b-directions, and where configuration 2 provides results in a- and c-direction, where c-direction is adjacent to the b-direction, and a-direction is in the normal direction to the sensor plane for both configurations, allows the estimation of thermal conductivity in all three directions from two separate experiments. The two experimental configurations assume that the experiment can be performed without any heat losses from the sample to the exterior of the sample setup during the transient recording. A number of different applications require test times ranging from test times down to 0.1 seconds. For the presently-considered sensor types, the reduction of test times allows the test of samples with length scales of the order 1 mm or less, as well as makes it possible to perform tests on smaller samples of highly-conducting pyrolytic graphite sheets.

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Mattias Gustavsson (POC,Primary Presenter,Co-Author), Hot Disk AB,;
Andrey Sizov (Co-Author), Hot Disk AB,;
Daniel Cederkrantz (Co-Author), Hot Disk AB,;
Silas Gustafsson (Co-Author), Hot Disk AB,;

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