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5/18/2017  |   9:35 AM - 10:00 AM   |  1

Round Robin test of thermal conductivity for loose fill thermal insulation Expanded Polystyrene product in Europe

The paper describes the different steps of the round robin performed on loose fill thermal insulation grey expanded polystyrene product and discuss the results obtained. The round robin has been arranged by the Expert Group of the Insulation Keymark, the voluntary certification scheme in Europe established in 1999. The Expert group consist of the most respected European laboratories. Some of these laboratories took part in establishing the European reference material IRMM 440 for thermal conductivity measurements of thermal insulation products (ref 1 In addition to the Expert Group institutes also some manufacturer’s laboratories participated. These labs have also been evaluated regarding their capability to carry out thermal conductivity testing to the required level of agreement with the European ?10 level for thermal conductivity of building insulation. The results are compared to the earlier experience of the Keymark Expert Group with round robin and comparative testing for factory made insulation products. The earlier experience has been reported in the ITCC 32 and 27. The voluntary Keymark scheme works alongside the mandatory CE mark used within the EU and provides a guarantee of the stated thermal conductivity of the product. More information on the Keymark for thermal insulation products can be found on the web-site: Susanne Dehn & Erik Rasmussen January 2016

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